Made-to-Measure Curtains in Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire

Our bespoke made-to-measure curtains are offered in a range of styles and headings with optional lining and/or interlining.

Angela and her team offer a complete end to end service of which the customer is an intergral part.  We pride ourselves on our excellent level of customer service ensuring that the process of choosing your bespoke curtains runs as smoothly and easily as possible.

Curtain Heading Styles

Pinch Pleats

With the option of double or triple pleats, pinch pleat headings are suitable for use with a variety of tracks or poles.

Pencil Pleats

Using 3” or 6” heading tape. A traditional yet timeless curtain heading suitable for tracks or poles.



A great selection of 40mm eyelets in colours to match our range of metal poles.



A very stylish curtain heading and track system by Silent Gliss offering smooth, simple and continuous wave effect. The wave heading stacks back neatly, taking up less space than most traditional pleated headings.

Curtain Measuring Guide

Curtain Measuring Guide – Download

The first step in measuring for curtains is to decide on which curtain heading you would like for your curtains.

Measuring Width

Tracks and poles should be fitted 15cm above the window recess and centre ensuring there is 15-20cm either side fo the window.

Width: Measure the width of your track or pole excluding any finials.

Measuring Length

All heading types: Measure from the top of the track.

For Pinch & Pencil pleats: Measure from the small ring below the larger curtain ring.
For Eyelet: Measure from the top of the pole and add 2.5cm for the upstand.
For Slot Tops: Measure from the top of the pole.

Sill Length: Measure to sill.

Below Sill: Measure to sill and add 15cm. If there is a radiator below your window it is recommended that your curtain sits 3cm above the top of it so heat can escape into your room and not behind your curtains.

Floor Length: Measure to the floor.

Tip: If you would like your curtains to drape on the sill or floor for a more relaxed look add extra to the length.

Your meaurements should include any additions or subtrations as detailed above.  Your quote will be calculated on the measurements you provide. AG Curtain Design are not responsible for errors resulting from the supply of incorrect measurements.